Good Grief!

I had no idea, just had not taken time to think about it, how long it had been since I posted on this part of the blog.

First of all, that new grand baby girl...has turned one...this past July.
She started walking about three weeks ago.  She is a handful, just normal stuff involving now being mobile, but I don't mind.
Can't forget big brother you know.  He is really starting to come in to that little boy personality that is all him.

So you see, taking care of these two during the day doesn't leave much time for anything else.

Honestly, I have put pretty much all my sewing, needle work and quilting on hold for a while.  I gave up my sewing room to my youngest son.  He has moved in with us after graduating from college.  He has a job, plans to go in to a program for a year with his company that will put him in the job position he is after.  So, his plans to move out are on hold while he waits to see how things work out with this program and how his finances will work out.  I don't mind him living here, helping him out while he gets on his feet, but am sure anxious to have a room back to work in.  Bonus on that front, youngest daughter is planning on going with him.  Then...I will have a room to make in to a play room for the grand babies.  I LOOK FORWARD to that.  Except then I won't have any help with them from youngest daughter when she gets home from her classes.  Oh well, it is just a trade off. LOL

So, I won't be posting any new projects to this section for a while, but now you know why.

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