So Behind.

I know, it is really beyond ridiculous, it has been four months or so since I last posted.  I have been so busy.  Not really an excuse, but all I have.

Most of February was spent sick.  March got a little better, but was playing catch up from being sick.  Then, April just so blurred in to May.  I have been worked on some embroidered crazy quilt style blocks as part of a round robin from one of my Yahoo groups.  I have enjoyed being a part of the group, but I won't be joining in another one any time soon.  I honestly just don't have the time to keep up.  And, realistically, that time to do personal projects is soon to be even shorter once the new grandbaby Miss C arrives.  I will then be caring for a toddler and an infant during the day, so having to play catch up in the evenings or week end.  I am really going to have to get myself organized or go under.

This week end I will post some photos of the blocks I worked on.  Now, because I am so behind, I actually have two blocks to work on.  Then one more next month and will be done.

I am hoping to get back on track with my sewing and crafting, especially with the latest investment in a higher end sewing machine that is designed for quilting and comes with an embroidery unit.  I have it on lay away because I know what will happen when it gets home. I was determined to get some house keeping chores caught up before that happens...but...I just can't.  I am going to a class to learn how to sew with it on Sunday and will bring it home afterwards.  When my youngest daughter gets her summer break from school she will be home to help with daycare and chores so that I will finally get ahead of things.  Then, when Miss C arrives, my daughter-in-law will be taking a maternity leave so I will have a few weeks off from daycare as well.  I have two weeks of vacation trip planned the end of July and am really looking forward to that.  I am only taking a couple of hand projects with us on this trip, I don't want to take a machine and be tempted to hide out in the camper.  My oldest grandson, Mr. T, will be spending about 5 weeks with us and I am sure going to make the most of that time with him.

I am tired of being a family observer as opposed to a participant.

Okay, thanks for stopping by.  I am trying to get my blogs caught up and get some organization going, the planning stages anyway.  Come back soon.