Not Moving Much

Well, I certainly haven't moved along much in the cross stitch world.  I have been busy working on some crazy quilt diamonds for a swap.

I am afraid that the ladies that I swap with will be very disappointed in my efforts.  I am still new to this craft and learning the techniques as I go.  Also, not even sure what kind of supplies are out there. I did find that I only have three packages of silk ribbon and have not seen any offered in the craft stores in town.  Will have to do a little research and find where to buy some supplies for sure. 

This is one I received.
It is so lovely.  Bead work, fancy threads, lace and ribbon work.  Just love the little hummingbird.  However, I have no idea where to find the little pearl flowers or the flowers in the basket to be able to add them to my work or the pieces I am swapping.   I have a lot to learn still.

This is my bare block for a color study my group is doing.
This will be passed around, round robin style, and each member of the group will add a little something to it.  I can't wait.  We each have a month to do a patch or like two seams or so.  I know it will be just wonderful when it gets back home.

I have received the first one in the round robin to work on in Feb.  I will post before and after photos each month so readers can follow how they grow.  It really is an amazing process to watch unfold.  We receive from the same member each month, so this month is her bare block.  I will add my contribution to it then send it to the next member on the list.  I send to the same member each month as well.  So, in March I will get a new block that member A has worked on.  So, as each month goes a long there is more done to each block that I receive until finally mine makes it back.  Hope that makes sense.

I have to say, I quite by accident found that Walmart online offers cross stitch kits.  Very reasonable prices and you can have it shipped to your door for like .97 cents or do site to store for free.
I was so pleased to find Janlynn's Olde World Map as one of those kits.
Have been wanting one for a long time.  Don't know why, but for some reason this design just calls to me.  You know how it is, just want to make it.  At any rate, I got it from Walmart online at a much cheaper price and it arrive yesterday.  I probably won't actually start on it until summer, I want to finish at least one of the two larger projects I currently have going before starting on it.

Have to show off the new chair.  It is SO, comfy and worked out perfect for me to stitch in.  I am so happy to have it.  And the new desk too.  Makes for more room, or did until I moved the little plastic rolling cart, moved the desk further over and added little table for my new printer/scanner.  Still plenty of room to work though so now the whole room is functioning wonderfully.

Well, off to cook some corn dogs.  Just one of those kind of days.  Have been sick all week so nothing much has had much taste to it until now.  Thanks for stopping by and come visit again.

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